A new solution to a common problem

Is Stress Across the Workplace Killing Your Company's Bottom Line......? 

Most CEO’s don’t realise that workplace stress can be reduced from the top-down and how it dramatically affects the bottom-line profits of the company. 


In this powerful eye opening, video presentation - you will discover:


  • The 3 most effective ways to reduce stress in yourself and company-wide, and still hit key deadlines, targets & milestones

  • The Psychological Switch – this is the one (and only) 100% Stress Solution which 'lifts the veil' about the true source of stress and how to systematically eliminate it once and for all

  • You never need to have another stressful workday again - with the right systems in place, work can flow with ease, fun, and stress-free productivity

  • And much much more...

You're just one thought away from eliminating your stress forever.

A Little bit more about me...


Hello, I’m a certified Business Psychologist & the UKs Leading Executive Stress-Free Productivity Coach. 


Over the last number of years, I’ve worked with CEO’s, CFO’s, and Owner/ Business Leaders to help them be more productive and as a result to feel less stressed at work and in their personal lives.


I have a degree in Psychology 1994 and a Masters degree in Organizational Psychology from Manchester Business School (MBS) 1996 


I taught on the Entrepreneurial and Owner Managed Business MBA programmes at MBS with firms, such as KPMG, Astra Zeneca & the Career Management programmes for the Ministry of Defense (MOD) as well as other skills courses for the European Commission.  


I help business's, recruit high calibre individuals resulting in highly productive teams, who transform the  company's & the organizations cultures


Margaret O'Sullivan BSc MSc 



What my clients are saying...

Paul Fahey

 Shareholder & Director EASYBOX Italy & Storage World UK.

Board Member Europe & Asia Self Storage Association 

"The costs of Margaret's services far outweigh the costs of recruiting, retaining  & retraining staff who are a good fit for us."


Beate Sifkovits  

CEO at ALLBOSS, Dubai 


"Margaret coached me through a life changing decision and I am so grateful to have taken this leap which wouldn't have happened without her."





Janet Bolton 

HR Director Bristol

Together we have transformed the culture & face of the organization and we now hire productive people who make us money"


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